Buying a mattress for the first time? Here are some tips

Relaxed sleep is the basic need of a human body. A peaceful and sound sleep is considered a perfect and natural cure for many common medical conditions. As good health depends on good food, good night’s sleep depends on the kind of room you sleep in and kind of mattress you lie on.

If you have never got a chance to buy a mattress and now you are looking for an ideal mattress, then it is going be a pretty tough job. To get a good mattress you need to consider many features. It’s your lucky day that you have landed at the right place. Read along to get all the tips and bring home a good mattress promising the rest your body demands after a long day.


Coil System


The coil system is the backbone of a mattress that supports the posture of your back. Coil system provides this support through the springs and the coils. It can lend the flexibility or firmness you need. Discuss this in detail with the salesperson to know what suits you best- a soft mattress or a firm one.



I consider it an essential feature since I am on the taller side of the height. I don’t usually get a mattress matching my tall body. You should check this important aspect. Otherwise you have to squeeze yourself on an uncomfortable mattress.




Stitching of the mattress says a lot about its quality. Check whether the stitching is even and done with a strong fibre. If the quilting is done with a good quality thread, then it is a promise kept by the mattress to go a long way with you.


Top cover

Always get a mattress with a good quality top cover. Preferably this cloth must be cotton or any other soft to touch and strong fabric. If it is rough it may feel uncomfortable even under the bed sheet or bedspread.




Weight bearing capability

The mattress must be purchased according to the weight it is going to bear.  You must ask for the right mattress according to your body weight. If you feel shy to ask, you may have to spend on a new mattress within a year or two. An inappropriate mattress will squash under a slightly overweight person.


Easy to turn over

Mattresses need regular turnovers to tap their guaranteed durability and maintain their shape. It is essential that without compromising on its firmness, robustness, and comfort a mattress should be easy to carry. You should be able to flip it over without waiting for any help.