5 essential kitchen tools you need in your life


Whether you just picked up cooking or you are a kitchen enthusiast, preparing delicious recipes almost never comes easy. Apart from the freshest and best ingredients, you will also require time, dedication, some high-performance kitchen appliances and, of course, the right kitchen tools.

However, cooking can prove quite relaxing and rewarding, especially if you manage to impress your significant other or your best friends with that delicious meal you prepared from top to bottom. And, while looking for one useful article on cooking and its essentials won’t turn you into the next chef, we still think we can help you out a little bit.

Thus, we have made a list of the top essential kitchen tools any food enthusiast should have in the kitchen. These can help you measure and prepare delicious recipes with accurate precision.


A chef’s knife

All your kitchen journeys start with a sharp knife so you should definitely invest in a quality one that will help you cut, mince, chop, slice, and dice with ease. The knife should be made of top-quality stainless steel and feature a razor-sharp blade.

Ideally, the handle should be made of bamboo or another type of wood for a strong and comfortable handle that will diminish hand fatigue during repetitive moves.

However, you can also opt for products that come in just one piece – from the handle to the tip of the blade. These may feature a ceramic coating or be made entirely of bamboo. The advantage of a bamboo knife is that you won’t have to sharpen it too often. In addition, the blade won’t oxidate, while the vegetables will stay fresher for a prolonged period of time.

However, the ceramic coating can be extremely pretentious and sensitive so if you happen to drop your knife on the floor, the coating might chip and the knife will become less useful.


Measuring spoons and cups

The key to your success in the kitchen is to always add the right proportions of each ingredient. And, while most chefs “play it by ear”, we strongly advise you to start by the book and follow the instructions clearly. Thus, you will require a good set of measuring spoons and cups to deal with all the different types of measurements.

Each recipe may have its own measurement units so it is always best to first check if the one you are following measures ingredients in grams or ounces.


Universal grater

If you want to make things easier for you in the kitchen, always invest in a quality grater. A good one will help you slice, grate, coarse, and even shave a wide range of foods.

Opt for a grater made of stainless steel to last you for many years, and make sure it also comes with different types of graters that are strong enough to help you cut ginger, yet gentle to provide you with perfectly sliced mozzarella.


Why I prefer to use a camcorder instead of my phone

Today I am going to discuss a topic that is highly debatable. There are millions of people out there who prefer using the phone over a camcorder. On the contrary, there are many others who still use camcorders instead of a phone. Let me tell you why I prefer to use a camcorder instead of my phone.




There is no issue in agreeing to the fact that in the last few years, the demand for camcorders and digital cameras has taken a beating due to the popularity of Smartphones flooding the market. One of the main reasons for this is the advanced camera qualities offered by the various Smartphones like iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy to name a few. But, for people like me, who care more about the quality of the picture than the convenience of carrying it around, a camcorder is still the preferred choice.


I have a Panasonic HC VX870 camcorder. The ability to shoot 4K video makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. The quality of the video is really sharp and crisp compared to the video shoot in an iPhone or any other Smartphone.




The image stabilization feature of the iPhone is good, but it is not as sharp as the one you get with a camcorder. When filming videos, camcorders provide various options compared to a Smartphone. One of the main problems I face with the phone is that we may need to take videos in the vertical position. It is good to see videos shot vertically when you are viewing it on a mobile, but if you wish to share these videos on YouTube, will they look good? I really doubt it. My camcorder records videos horizontally by default and I am able to share my videos online too without any problem.


Another reason I identified is that when the object moves or if you are on a move while shooting, it becomes really difficult to get a clear, good quality video using the phone. But, when I used my camcorder, it was able to record quality videos with ease in spite of being in motion.  




Proper light is an important factor when you are shooting videos using your phone. Even though Smartphones offer flash and various light adjustments, you still be satisfied with the quality of videos when the light is not sufficient. But, with my Panasonic camcorder, I was able to record good quality videos that too with a nice sound quality even in presence of background noise.

Can you imagine a movie being captured using a phone right? Similarly, I strongly believe it is hard to replace a camcorder with a phone, especially for those who are concerned about the quality of the recorded picture.

3 gadgets you will need if you travel a lot

Packing up your bags for your regular weekend trip? I am sure you have included everything that you have written down on your travel list. Just to give a last minute reminder, the following things must be the part of your baggage due to the importance they carry. Let’s look at them quickly




did1A flashlight may seem to be a very common gadget you use at home but believe me it is very handy for any kind of trip or excursion. You never know when you face a sudden car breakdown or the gas gets exhausted while driving on some unknown road. If this happens at night then it can be really frightening and dangerous. If you are travelling with your family, this can be worse. So, to be prepared for such moments, keep a flashlight handy. You can use it to fix your vehicle or signal to the passing vehicles about the emergency you are facing. For some tips on selecting the perfect flashlight, you should read this guide.


GPS system


did2If you are an explorer by nature, then a GPS navigational system is a must have. The advantages of installing a GPS system are manifold. It gives you the directions for your destination, informs you about the traffic conditions ahead, lets you plan your trip in advance and also guides you about the availability of gas station, eateries or hotels on the way. Most GPS systems are speech-enabled to recite the directions so that you don’t have to look on the GPS screen and you can concentrate on your driving. There is a variety of GPS systems available depending on the vehicle type, vehicle size, screen size, installation and other factors for you to make a right choice. My suggestion is never to plan a trip without GPS system in your vehicle.  To find a good GPS at a reasonable price, I recommend this article on the top alternatives for 2018.


Digital Camera


did3Many travelers may have different views on packing a digital camera along. But I insist of this gadget since I always love to rewind the memories I gathered on a trip. I am not a very accomplished photographer so, I rely on the accuracy and expertise of my digital camera. Whenever I find a picturesque view or a breathtaking natural scenery I stop and capture those in my digital camera.  You must grab a good digital camera while you explore unseen locations so that you can also revisit the fun filled reminiscences.


These are the three essential gadgets that according to me, must be in your vehicle, to make your trips easy and unforgettable.

My review of HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

I am born with natural curly black hair. Though I do get compliments for my beautiful curly mane which is actually unmanageable. Ever since I have learned a few basics of style and fashion, I wish I must have shiny and straight hair. Straight glossy hair is the perfect hair since it can be styled in any possible way the help of the right hair appliances and product.


Just a few days back I stumbled  on an online shopping site and read about HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron.  The reviews and feedback given by its users showed me a ray of hope and I immediately ordered this flat iron to fulfill my long cherished dream of straight hair. When I tried it I was really pleased with my decision. It is a versatile flat iron that instantly changed my dull and frizzy mane into the straight and shimmering hair that you see only in the magazine pages.



This awesome flat iron is my best friend forever. I want all the girls like me to have a best friend like HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. So, here is my experience with this amazing product to let you appreciate that looking gorgeous and showing off salon-groomed hair was never this easy.


Ceramic ionic system

This is the most striking feature of this flat iron. You will hardly have a bad hair day since you will always be ready with moisturized and glossy hair. The enhancement of this flat iron is due to its infrared technology that gives deep protection to your hair and a boost to your attitude.

If you’d like to know more about the difference in materials, you can read this article or this guide.


Ceramic tourmaline plates

If you are purchasing a flat iron you cannot ignore this feature at all. It is responsible for the controlled and ideal heating for making you glow with your crowning glory.  The ceramic tourmaline plates are durable and prevent any damage to the hair while adding a stylish look to your hair and of course to you as well. The edges of the plates are suitably rounded to straighten the whole length of your hair or curling the ends.


Temperature control

The temperature settings range from 240 F up to 450 F is a good offer to set the temperature according to the hair you are blessed with and hairstyle you want to try for those special evenings.


Ergonomic design

This is one of the most comfortable flat irons I have come across. It has perfectly handy 360 swivel cord with a comfortable ergonomic design. Straightening your hair will not be a chore but a relaxing activity that you will love to do anytime.


Ionic hair dryer benefits

The hair professionals consider the ionic blow dryers far better than the traditional dryers due to the advanced technique of hair drying by emitting negatively charged ions. This innovation ensures that your hair cuticles remain closed to preserve the natural texture and softness of your hair. This unique drying capability locks the moisture and maintains the natural look and feel as well. Along with all these benefits, your hair remain healthy.




The technology behind this hair dryer is quite innovative. The hair dryer discharges negatively charged ions as it is heated.  When you use this heated dryer on your wet hair, the negative ions works on the water molecules break them into tinier particles so that you damp hair dry very quickly. In the whole procedure, the natural moisture of the hair remains intact.


Trendfrisuren föhnen


Now that you have understood the science behind the ionic hair dryers, let me share the benefits you will have with this hair appliance.



Best for all hair types

The Ionic hair dryer is very efficient. It works on all hair types. Whether you have frizzy hair, thick hair, limp hair or dull hair, an ionic hair dryer handles all of them with care. It lets you manage frizzy fly-away and dull hair, adding shine and gloss to hair while preserving the natural moisture. You can hardly expect such versatility from your traditional dryer.  If you have limp hair, you will be able to add more volume.  



Helps styling products

The characteristic of discharging ions on heating makes the ionic hair dryer the best companion of different styling products, conditioners or moisturizers you use for your healthy hair. When the hair dryers produce ions they help the styling product do its work in a far better way and helps you style your hair according to your need.



Strengthen hair

The traditional hair dryers are known for drying the hair and hurting the cuticles. In the long run, you will observe that your hair is getting damaged. The ionic hair dryers due to preservation of moisture give a deep rooted care to your hair and also strengthen them. You will have a visibly glossy look to your hair that comes only when hair is healthy.




No doubt you have to pay a bit more for an ionic hair dryer than a traditional one. If you compare the features and advantages, you will hardly feel the cost. You would rather feel proud of your choice and surely recommend this amazing hair appliance to others.

Keep Shining!

Buying a mattress for the first time? Here are some tips

Relaxed sleep is the basic need of a human body. A peaceful and sound sleep is considered a perfect and natural cure for many common medical conditions. As good health depends on good food, good night’s sleep depends on the kind of room you sleep in and kind of mattress you lie on.

If you have never got a chance to buy a mattress and now you are looking for an ideal mattress, then it is going be a pretty tough job. To get a good mattress you need to consider many features. It’s your lucky day that you have landed at the right place. Read along to get all the tips and bring home a good mattress promising the rest your body demands after a long day.


Coil System


The coil system is the backbone of a mattress that supports the posture of your back. Coil system provides this support through the springs and the coils. It can lend the flexibility or firmness you need. Discuss this in detail with the salesperson to know what suits you best- a soft mattress or a firm one.



I consider it an essential feature since I am on the taller side of the height. I don’t usually get a mattress matching my tall body. You should check this important aspect. Otherwise you have to squeeze yourself on an uncomfortable mattress.




Stitching of the mattress says a lot about its quality. Check whether the stitching is even and done with a strong fibre. If the quilting is done with a good quality thread, then it is a promise kept by the mattress to go a long way with you.


Top cover

Always get a mattress with a good quality top cover. Preferably this cloth must be cotton or any other soft to touch and strong fabric. If it is rough it may feel uncomfortable even under the bed sheet or bedspread.




Weight bearing capability

The mattress must be purchased according to the weight it is going to bear.  You must ask for the right mattress according to your body weight. If you feel shy to ask, you may have to spend on a new mattress within a year or two. An inappropriate mattress will squash under a slightly overweight person.


Easy to turn over

Mattresses need regular turnovers to tap their guaranteed durability and maintain their shape. It is essential that without compromising on its firmness, robustness, and comfort a mattress should be easy to carry. You should be able to flip it over without waiting for any help.


Convertible seats are the smartest choice

Whenever I have to travel with my seven months old daughter I used to get very worried for her safety while driving. I have to travel a lot due to the nature of my professional assignments and I prefer to have her along. But this is the big problem for me to travel with her. I read a lot about young children being injured in car accidents. So I have to get a provision that could keep my baby safe wherever I travel with her.



I learned about car seats that help to keep the babies and infants safe while traveling. So, I went out to get the best convertible car seat for my daughter. In this endeavor, I learned a number of things about getting the most secure and comfortable convertible car seat.

Usage: CRO Buying Guides 2015/2016 Product: Car Seats Brand: N/A Model: Malachi Goggans CU: N/A Photographer: John Powers


I got a convertible seat for small cars that can be changed from a rear facing position to forward facing stance. A convertible car seat is meant to keep your newborn baby and infant secure while you focus on the road. I could use the convertible seats in rear facing position till my little girl was 18 months old. When she could manage on her own, I changed the seat to front facing so that while being safe in her seat she can enjoy the changing view on the front windshield. She actually enjoys the passing vehicle and trees.



I am really happy that I am able to use the same seat right now when my angel is three years old and still loves to sit in her comfortable seat. This is the biggest advantage of a convertible seat is that you can use it for many years while your baby grows from a baby to a kid. I have full control over the shoulder and crotch straps as I can adjust it to fit my bigger and  taller baby. The longer shells and shape of convertible seats provide additional space between the head and seatback preventing the direct contact with the seat.



One of the biggest advantages of choosing a convertible car seat is that it can be very economical considering the time it spends with your baby and adjusted according to your needs. Moreover, it superiorly designed structure protects my baby from any sudden collisions of brakes.

I am so happy with my choice that I consider myself very smart in purchasing the convertible car seat.